The One Truth Needed to Change Your Life



And there stood the Truth-
Alone and free-
Needing Nothing.

We all tell lies. In moments of desperation, we invest greatly in maintaining these lies.

We may lie to ourselves in any number of ways. We declare our family is “great”, when it is clearly dysfunctional. We tell ourselves our marriage is doing “fine”, when in fact the tension is unbearable. We convince ourselves that our children’s problems are “not that bad”. We tell ourselves that we are “not great”, when in fact we are amazing.

We cover. We hide. We divert. We project. And all the while, there stands the Truth, right before our eyes.

We believe in the relationship of the following: the more invested in the lie, the closer the lie becomes to being the Truth. We sincerely believe this idea – as if our invested energy can somehow turn lead to gold or lie to truth.

We forget that the Truth stands free-unaltered by any such machinations.

I picture the Truth as a large, red block- solid, uncompromising. We may try to hide it with clouded thinking, but there it stands- on its own, forever.

Sometimes I simply pray, “I do not know what to do next, but at this moment, I can at least acknowledge the Truth.”

The Truth (in my limited view and mind) may not be pretty, but covering it in lies does not change it.

The Truth needs nothing from us. It does not need exploitation, declarative sharing, modifications, prettifying, distortions, hiding, covering, or altering.

The Truth only requires one thing to change your World- and that is this- that you finally come to recognize it.

4 thoughts on “The One Truth Needed to Change Your Life

  1. That’s a good prayer “but I can acknowledge the truth”. I found that to be such a powerful and profound statement. I’m going to spend some time thinking about the truth and see what areas I could possibly be trying to hide the truth under a tablecloth – or using it as a nightstand!

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