Look…Now…Before you is the Truth Written on the Wall

I see Me.  Thank God. Thank God.

I see Me. Thank God. Thank God.

Reset assured, dear one.
When all seems lost and you know not the next turn in your life,
a light shines within you even in the time most dark.

No man nor man-made situation may lay a single finger of darkness
upon this vibrancy.

It is only you, and your temporarily calloused eyes which
have become blinded to your own sacred brilliancy.

A single clouded moment does not cover up the sun’s brilliance
and a moment of blocked vision does not alter your own nature.

And when you forget this, when you believe, even for a minute,
in the darkness you sense around you-

Take heart and remember:

Your Spirit, your ever-present, God-given, brilliant Spirit
will upon occasion lift the veils that blind you and bind you.

All you have to do is sincerely ask.

Sometimes we get so used to telling ourselves lies that we forget the Truth is always present.

We may to lie to ourselves about any number of situations for any number of reasons. Often, these lies are not told to protect ourselves or get ourselves out of perceived trouble- oh, if only it were that easy.

The lies we tell often have to do with our own insecurity, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, and sense of failure.

The other night I was handling something for my husband related to his children. I told him with a certain level of intensity to make sure he followed through. And he told me “You act like I am going to forget!”

And in that moment, my Spirit graced me with eyes that could see and before me on the wall (in my mind) appeared the words “You are acting like he will forget because in the past he has told you, repeatedly, that he forgets things.”

The truth has always been there. I have told myself the lie that I must compensate for my husband, make sure he doesn’t forget things, remember for him, etc.

When did this begin? Some time early in my life, I believed I was only of value if I helped people. I have spent a lifetime supporting this lie.

I am of value because I am who I am. And, I do not need to participate in the lies of others any more.

The truth of the matter was that my husband does forget things- often. I was trying to “help” him remember. In the past, I would have taken his statement to heart and chastised myself for being to “intense” and “not believing in him”.

The lie would have continued.

The truth is there for each of us in our lives- written on the walls, in books, in posts, in our hearts and in our minds.

Today, don’t lie to yourself to make something “better”. Let the truth stand. The truth is ever-present anyway. We simply cover it and hope it goes away. The truth, though, remains, awaiting our prayers.

Let yourself trust enough to handle the truth today-even in one situation, no matter how small you tell yourself it is. Believe and see with your vision.

4 thoughts on “Look…Now…Before you is the Truth Written on the Wall

  1. Lying to ourselves is the easy way out and helps us get through life without ever needing to acknowledge that which hurts…And blaming yourself is much easier than blaming your partner. As long as we can see the truth with compassion then it is much easier to accept. I am glad you got to see the truth in this situation.

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