Life is not here to serve You…You are here to serve Life

It's OK to Question Life

It’s OK to Question Life

Oh, what silly thoughts of
“What can I get?”

When you have been given
the ultimate gift

Life freely given
in enjoyment

Gratitude lovingly given
in service

I speak to my stepchildren a lot about life and the decisions we make in regards to how we live. A current theme has been the idea of serving others.

My stepchildren have, at times, had the idea that life is here to serve them. It is not.

Life is a gift- a gift of living, of experiencing, of sensing, of sharing.

Our return act is to serve this gift- to act with gratitude, kindness, awareness, and importantly, joy in relation to having received this gift.

I am never sure what impact my words/actions may have or may not have on my stepchildren. However, these are the things I believe and I do want them to realize what a gift they have been given.

6 thoughts on “Life is not here to serve You…You are here to serve Life

  1. I love it! I created a list of 40 items of Random Acts of Kindness to complete before I turned 40, and my son has really gotten into it! It is wonderful to see his eyes open and realize that he can change the world and give back for all of his blessings!

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