For Anyone Who has Ever Made a Mistake…

Touching Hope

Touching Hope

“Error of My Ways”

What if every trial, tribulation…

What if every mistake, error…

What if every challenge, obstacle…

What if every weakness, fear…

led you to here?


For one simple reason,

that you

would grow to embody the confidence you would

need for the next great thing.

What if….?

Oh, Lord, the mistakes I have made. The confused attempts at a life well-lived. The hesitations, the horrors at what I have done. Clueless and unconscious I have been. My acts surprising me at time. If I could turn back time, oh Lord, I would.

Taking pity on me that day -standing as I was in the sunlight in the trees on the mini-golf course of all places, awaiting a stepson’s next shot -and I cringed inwardly, remembering again another silly, past mistake.

And in the sunlight, Lord, I saw the answer. I was worried about what was coming next. I did not have confidence given my track record, and these whispered words I heard,

“Every mistake, every failure you hold so dear, have never bothered Me. They have brought you here, so you would believe in your strength to overcome anything. The message is not that you failed, the message is that you persevered. The world needs those who persevere and you are such a one that I hold dear.”


7 thoughts on “For Anyone Who has Ever Made a Mistake…

  1. If you were wash in the blood like i was, all is forgiven or if you are a believer, you are. Mistakes and failures are not the end to all. They are experiences to help us learn and to grow, to change and to help us move on. If we do nothing, if we never learn, if we never become better from these, if we do not persevere from experiences, then and only then do they become mistakes. To grow, I have to forgive myself first and try to do all things with love.

  2. this is my thoughts as well, you read about my mistakes being stepping stones, everything we do leads us the right now so were they really mistakes or just choices that were part of our own personal path?
    Forgiveness starts from within learn to forgive and you will learn how to be forgiven.

  3. I was looking for the post you did where you included a video – I was watching it when my computer decided to quit – but can’t find it in your archives. What is the name of the post? I would really like to finish it πŸ™‚

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