Write as You Want to Live


My blog says more about me than I would ever reveal in a normal conversation.
I use my blog, almost daily, to inspire, encourage, and serve as a platform for a better way of living for me (and hopefully others).

I want to be the woman I blog about. Sure, in my blogs I use “me” and “I” and I write. I write about personal growth, inspiration, transformation and awareness. I even come up with a cute saying now and then to guide me along the way.

As I have looked at these writings, I have realized I want to be the woman in the blog. The one who seems sure of herself, the one who seems to hold to higher ideals, the one who never gives up.

She is me and she is not me. I can write a blog about positive thinking and 6.8 minutes after posting be mired in a negative thought. I am both writer and participant, and many times the writer is way out in front in terms of success.

But I take heart. I post frequently in the “comment” section on other blogs that if you can write it, you can live it. So many people, stuck in problems or a life that they don’t want to be living, lack the insight, dedication, and commitment needed to reach a new level of awareness about life’s situations.

Solutions to certain problems may or may not appear, but we can all reach new understanding and awareness if we simply try. And in the trying, we are held accountable, we learn of our own power, and we are stronger for it.

You can not write about something if you are completely in denial and don’t even understand the issue exists. If you can write about, if you can articulate your situation, even if it is “ugly”, even if you feel it clearly marks you as “failure”, you have already won.

If you can write it, you understand it, and if you understand it, you have the power to transform it.

Write as you want to live.


4 thoughts on “Write as You Want to Live

  1. When you write your blog posts, you are “acting as if” you are the woman in the blog. First comes the thought and the intention. The result is certain to follow. The fact that you pick up on a mis-step as quickly as you report is a sure sign of progress. And, yes, you inspire me to be the best each day.
    Thanks so much!
    Judith Conte

    • Yes, you are correct. We write “as if”, don’t we? Thanks for saying I inspire you. As I have said before, your blog postings wiggle into my mind frequently when I am thinking about my stepchildren and the “restructured” family dynamics in which I live. I stumble more than I like, but your writings have served as important signs to something better.

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