Do You Really Need to Be “Everything” to Everyone in Your Life…?

Your Heart

Your Heart

The sane answer is “No”.
The compulsive answer many of us operate under is a resounding “Yes”.

We try to do it all and in the end, we risk losing ourselves.

In many ways, the fantasy we operate under is that if we are “everything” to everyone in our lives, we will then be indispensable and we will be valued for our contributions.

Our value, though, does not reside in living the belief that we must be the “end all, be all” as mother, father, colleague, employer, employee, daughter, son, spouse, and so on.

In doing so, we actually work against the nature of ourselves and life itself. Yes, we are called to be the best we can be, but this applies to everyone.

You can not solve the world’s problems until you are able to take care of yourself and you can not take care of your self if you are driven, compulsively, to meet the needs of everyone around you before even considering yourself.

You do not need to be everything to everyone. Life does require you, though, to move to a place in which you can be everything to yourself.

I like the picture I created above. It came as a surprise. I had pictured the orange wave in the corner, but nothing else.

I drew the orange wave, and then saw the shape of the heart underneath. I next drew with the blue pastel and thought it looked like the chest of a person.

Here is what I take from it: Orange represents the second chakra- sexuality and relationships with others. Look how the energy is moving upwards from the pelvis to support the heart. The heart is in yellow- the color of the third chakra and our sense of self.

I love to see how the energy of relationships is working with my heart and my relationship with myself.

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