You are Absolutely Stronger than any Temporal, Materialistic Challenge You Currently Face- Believe it!

Believe it

Believe it

Powering Up

Sometimes I let my heart and wings open to their full extent
and I power them up fully.

On days when I am all but tapped out,
I am reminded of just how much within me there is to give.

I am not sure why I felt called to write a message of hope today. Perhaps because I blog so much about “heart” and “love” that it seems as if it is all so easy.

In my life, I have several situations, which concern me – a lot. On the day to day, temporal level, these situations worry me, fatigue me, and make me question whether I am enough.

And then, I think of this image and saying, and I realize how my love, strength, courage, and heart are beyond any limitation that I currently face. I am greater than any momentary obstacle. Time moves, and we move with it, carried by our hearts and wings to a better place.

Please believe this. No matter what you currently face, no matter what limits have been placed upon you, they are nothing in the face of your unremittiing love and grace.

2 thoughts on “You are Absolutely Stronger than any Temporal, Materialistic Challenge You Currently Face- Believe it!

  1. When I first heard the expression, “see past appearances,” I was steeped in the worst possible circumstances life could serve up. How could I possibly “see past” what faced me day in and day out? How could I ever surmount the obstacles and difficulties?
    What I learned is this: so long as I stay focused on the problem, I keep the problem fueled. It’s not easy but it’s crucial to turn away from the problem and open up to the possibility of a solution even when it seems impossible that any solution could appear. Turn away from the problem. Open to a solution.
    And of course, what you say — that we are absolutely stronger than any challenge — is also a critical point to accept even though at first we may not believe it. That’s when we must, “Act as if.”
    Act as if we believe. Act as if we are. As we keep putting one foot in front of the other, acting as if we can, something miraculous happens: we see our strength, our courage, our commitment to solution. Then the next time we face terrifying appearances, we have a historical, experiential basis to say, “I trust myself to move through this.”
    Thanks so much, Kimberly, for giving us a chance to consider these important ideas.
    Judith Conte

    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments Judith. I really needed to hear these words today in regards to problems and our focus on them. You are absolutely correct- we continue to fuel the problem if we keep focused on the problem. In some areas of my life, I am good at seeing this dynamic, at other places, not so much. I am going to think of your words, though throughout this week.

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