Want to Change Your Life?… The Exponential Effect of Momentum

The other day I taught the first section of a microbiology course. We managed to get through 12 powerpoint slides with approximately 16 interruptions.

For some reason, it seemed that every idea that entered a student’s head culminated in a raised-hand and a “I have a question” comment. My favorite was the sudden request about the possibility of a study guide for the FINAL exam- a mere 16 weeks and 32 classes away.

I knew I needed to rein this class in otherwise my projected 16-week microbiology curriculum was going to end up being more along the lines of an 18-month program.

I knew what I wanted to say to this class this morning. I had my speech planned and was sitting at my desk working on my leadership book when I came across a great line for success in life in general- and it definitely applied to this class.

The quote had to do with momentum. And I realized this was my point to this class. By interrupting so much, we had no momentum as a class.

The workbook I was reading stated that momentum was the “great exaggerator”. When you have good momentum, everything seems possible, mistakes seem like challenges, challenges become opportunities and so on.

When you have no momentum, every little thing seems to be insurmountable. You feel the world is against you and nothing is going to change.

The quote made me realize that momentum is something you create for yourself (or in my case, the class) and momentum has an exponential effect. A little momentum can carry the energy leading to the most profound changes.

Even tiny things done to create momentum have the potential of exponential growth.

What I am trying to say is that the small things you are doing for yourself matter. So take the time and build some momentum.

Write a paragraph or two. Go to the yoga class that you know helps you. Get out your art supplies even if you have “no idea” what to do. Go to therapy, read a book, make a conscious effort to evaluate your life.

Momentum is the result of your thoughts and actions. Baby steps build one upon the other, and momentum is the secret, exponential factor in the mix, leading to success.

You create the momentum, and it gives back to you, several-fold.


2 thoughts on “Want to Change Your Life?… The Exponential Effect of Momentum

  1. believe it or not my crappy job is my momentum it keeps me focused i feel like i am contributing and i am very good friends with some of my customers, being home right has sapped the momentum … well… not all of it but a lot of it out of me bleh! i have like two more weeks maybe three! ack!

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