Don’t Understand Me?….Then, You are not Paying Attention to My Art and Writing

Supported in the Womb

Supported in the Womb

I am always surprised, and then a bit mistrusting, when people say they love me and know me well, yet do not relate in anyway to my art.

I am not saying everyone has to “get” my art, or even like my art. What I am talking about is that some people in my life are completely blind to the fact I have an artistic nature and creating art and writing are very important to me.

In fact, I would argue that to know me in a significant way, all one would have to do is look to my art.

I do not mean that every person I know needs to read my blog and oooh…and…ahhhhh….over every picture and sketch as if they were that enchanting.

What I am talking about is the almost willful ignorance on the part of some “close” people in my life in regards to this aspect of me.
I don’t think it is as simple as them not liking my art or writing.

My art and writing is where I bare my soul, and I think some people would rather not see my soul.
They like the superficial, persona-induced version of me.

Art can be messy, confrontational, and raw. I think they prefer me in a prettier package.

Maybe this has happened to you. Perhaps there has been a subtle hint or two along the lines of “Oh, are you going to write about that?” “Wow, that picture is a little weird. What did you mean by that?”

Or sometimes it is hidden as concern. Upon seeing your art or blog some may say, “I am worried about you” which often times is simply code for “Your work disturbs my status quo.”

Anyway, art always reveals the soul and because our souls are on display they deserve respect- or at the very least, acknowledgment. It is a brave soul who is willing to emerge from hiding and manifest in they physical world and we do this all the time as artists and creative people.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Understand Me?….Then, You are not Paying Attention to My Art and Writing

  1. It may be a little jealousy on the part of non-artists, among other reasons like you say, the status-quo. I find most people don’t like to have their little worlds jogged out of their comfort zone, and good art strives to do just that.

    As for me I look for truth and wisdom. I find that in your blogs and art in abundance.

    Piss me off, unsettle me, throw me for a loop… is what challenges my day and allows me
    to see a greater reality…….there is so much Out There……or am I just crazy,,,,,Lol

    Blessings!!! πŸ™‚

  2. understanding the “why’s” of a person are not important understanding the “what’s” are. someone close to you should be curious as to what drives you to be creative and the very fact that you, are but as you said understanding the art work it’s self tho would be nice is not so important. with that in mind it should be much easier to pick those you become close with, it’s always better to have a few lasting friendships that lots of meaningless ones right?

    • You are so right- a few, authentic friendships are the most important. you were one of the artists I was thinking about when I wrote the post. You don’t always write on the same topics, but I always get the sense of knowing your artistic self- if that makes sense- when I see your work. Even before I see your picture as I glance through the blogs, I will think “oh that is typewriterpoet” πŸ™‚

  3. I very much love this post as well, and even though I don’t consider myself an artist, I can so hear you.

    The common perspective through which I can understand yours is honesty – as I find that one of my defining features. Sadly enough the world we live in is the arch-enemy of truthfulness and art is the domain relying on not only the talents but on the deepest honesty of the artist, and in our world of narcissistic pretension and the preference of what’s neat, people-pleasing, calculated and well-adjusted to the imagined expectations, revealing the hidden layers of one’s true self is often perceived as weird or something “not done”.

    You are so right – it takes a brave soul to break through that wall, and I applaud you for the courage that enables you to share with us your wonderful art, poetry and all your wisdom-filled writings.

    • A heartfelt “thank you” to you πŸ™‚ What you write about “the preference of what’s neat, people-pleasing, calculated and well-adjusted …” is very true. Honest art is not this way. It can be messy, with rough edges, and frankly, things that appear “wrong”, because art, like healing is a process.

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