Even in Your Darkest Times, A Part of You Waits to Bloom

A Bit of Darkness

A Bit of Darkness

Into every life, a little darkness must fall.

Sunlight gives energy to plants, but it is during the dark, silent night that the plant transforms the energetic gift to further life.

Who knows if the flower reaching for the night sky is aware of its beauty before it blooms? Does it know as it reaches to heaven the blossom that looms, tucked tightly within it?

Is it within the dark, quiet night, free from the hot, sticky sun, that the flower begins to unfurl? Trying out its beauty in dark before unleashing it to the sighted world?

What must transpire for this blossoming? What internal ticking clock counts time on a different scale than in minutes and awakens the flowering spirit?

Who really knows. But within the darkest times of our lives, those times without a hint of moonlight, growth is occurring and we, like the flower, are waiting to bloom. Maybe the dark nights of our lives provide the signal for the internal clock allowing the blossoming of our spirit.

Or maybe it is in the darkness, sometimes free from hope and expectation, that our true nature first unfurls.

5 thoughts on “Even in Your Darkest Times, A Part of You Waits to Bloom

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