Dear Narcissist…Let me Compare Thee…

Haven’t been writing about narcissism much. This idea has been hanging around for a bit. It’s based on the things people have written in response to my blog in regards to the narcissist in their lives.

Narcissistic Comparisons

Oh my silly narcissist
to what shall I compare thee?

Knowing you, as I do,
Your first inclination is to go Shakespearean

Let me assure you-
I am no Shakespeare, and you are no summer’s day

If I were to compare thee to the summer’s day of such fame,
we should both admit, we would need to be in the midst of a solar eclipse.

Summer is not your thing, then perhaps a climate
more befitting to your cold heart

Shall I compare thee to the wintry tundra? You with your wooly mammoth-esque bearing,
unmoving and frozen in your own insanity

Others even more poetic have moved from seasons
to find your substance

As one has said, my dear narcissist, let me compare thee to
a bright, shiny food processor

Only you with your whirling blades and gnashing teeth can take
the heartiest stalk and render it to bland puree

Something about your must induce the whirlwinds within
For next we have the revolving door as apt comparison

Forever smacking those who dare to enter- always in the wrong way-
with three times the force required

As I sit on this fine summer’s day, I truly see
nothing that captures the blackness within your heart, you truly are beyond compare.


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