Pray How You Will…When Words Change You

Do You Hear?

Sometimes when I am alone
with only
my monkey-mind uttering crazy talk,
I whisper muddled prayers
to God to keep me company

And God does not seem
to care these muddled
prayers are but a string of words
Content, shape, context, and grammar
seem to float by Him

Until He hears that which is
most dear to me
Spoken by my heart no matter
how broken and tired my
tongue and mind may be

The God within Me
awakens with even the
slightest knock of prayerful syllables
Granting me peace, love, and joy
in return for my few, muddled words.

And suddenly, I remember
it is not only me and my monkey-
A prayer-full of Heaven
exists within me and I am
never without company.

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