How a Narcissist attempts to “Create” a Life

Narcissists submit to no one. They are all about control, control, control.

Narcissists are always caught up in their reflections. As we know, reflections are not the “real thing”. But because narcissist’s live in a world of reflection and projection, they never understand the difference. We see this especially when narcissists try to “create”. Their creation of a life is not how you and I would go about it- authentically and highly-engaged.

No, narcissists are always acting. They see what is valued and then they try to copy these values. You will note this all the time with narcissists as they constantly have to reassure you that that are “open” “honest” ” a good person” “a really good person” “so loving”, etc. How many of us walk around overtly describing ourselves as such? I know one person who even said the narcissist in her life was “proud” that he was “so humble”. Ugh!!
Here is my take on a narcissist trying to weave or create a life:

A Narcissistic Weaving

A narcissist bows
Before only one-
The image of self-
As for the rest, never

Others of a more
reputable mental health
submit- to love, to hope,
to God, to others

And in the submissive act,
weave a web of such
support and beauty
tears trail as companions

The narcissist-forever mirroring,
Never engaging- will model
Such weaving, and attempt his
Own web of “creation”

Lacking core from which
to spin, the intricacy of
balance, the golden strand of life
is lost upon the narcissist

The narcissist’s weaving becomes
a web of delusional craftsmanship
if all the world is separated
by six degrees

The narcissist reduces
six to one, with
all roads leading
back to him

The narcissist, of course,
sees none of this;
in his imagination, patterns
of gold unfurl

While the rest of us
see knots of contention
from which one may
never untangle

To be caught in the narcissist’s
web is to live in death-for the
narcissist weaves
only for one.


11 thoughts on “How a Narcissist attempts to “Create” a Life

  1. It’s so true! The narcissist I write about would scream at me, “I am a good person!! I don’t deserve to be treated the way you treat me!” The “treatment” he referred to was generally me disagreeing with his opinion or me deciding against doing something that he had planned for me to do. Basically, anytime I acted with my will, I was accused of treating him badly. And the copying and acting? Just tiresome. I once asked him, “Who are you? What do you stand for?” His face twisted into the most confused and disturbed spectacle I had ever seen. Then his rage followed. 🙂

  2. And YES, he is proud of being humble, Kimberly!!!! Do you want examples, because I can provide hilarious ones!!!

  3. Recently I underwent Achilles tendon repair and it was announced at our church for prayer. After the service people came up to us and would ask, “Is Gene, (the “N”) going to take good care of you and be a good nurse?” I said in response, “I don’t know, why don’t you give me a call and I’ll report how he’s doing!” When he is home and if they phone, I hand the phone to him! The fear of his scrutiny has been wonderful for him!

  4. I love this poem. This is my favorite part:
    Others of a more reputable mental health submit- to love, to hope, to God, to others
    And in the submissive act, weave a web of such support and beauty, tears trail as companions.

    Thank God I am able to submit to these good things and truly be alive. Only the webs of support have any value in the long run. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    The narcissist is brilliant at being the victim. If you don’t agree with them or follow their path you are attacking them. They will go to any lengths, tell any lies to make themselves important. YOU CAN NOT WIN

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