Abusers never think Universal Laws Apply to Them…

Abusers, such as narcissists, never believe that the universal laws the rest of us operate under apply to them. Even simple ideas that what you put out in the world actually ends up coming back to you is completely lost on them. Abusers believe that rules are for the rest of us, while they, in their specialness, are exempt.

Jokes on them- none of us escape such basic principles. Although in a snapshot, abusers may look like they are “winning”, when one looks at the movie of an abusers life, all one will see is loser, loser, loser. Abusers lose relationships, jobs, a true sense of power in the world, and on and on and on…Abusers live on borrowed time.

Abusers also live with the delusion that they control all. They will make a move and then be utterly shocked that someone makes a countermove. They expect us all to fall in line while they rule the world.

The following is a poem for all abusers about such universal laws.

Universal Laws

A pen would drop and you,
you would refute its fall

spoken by the sages
sung in the hymns
scripted on the sand

What you create- returns
to you a thousand-fold

But still you deny or worse-

You miss that infinity plays with time-
time being the mouse-toy
of the nine lives

Countermoves twist to
turn and find you
and still you,
you deny

Evil believes in its triumph
While tick- tock,
the mouse runs up the clock.

Universal supply
will not move to meet your demand.

the sword swings overheard

You willfully create
timing of your destruction

and even God can not save you
because you think you are exempt.


21 thoughts on “Abusers never think Universal Laws Apply to Them…

  1. There is so much that I would like to say in response to this and, unfortunately, I cannot imagine a way to pare it down.

  2. They very much are of the belief that the rules don’t apply to them. One time, my ex-narcissist was driving at 60 km above the speed limit on a busy highway (I think this would be about 90 miles). I expressed concern; he got angry because according to him, most people in their cheap Fords and Chevs and Toyotas can’t handle high speeds, which is why there are laws. He, of course, in his Mercedes – “crafted” in Germany, don’t ya know – with his superior driving skills, was convinced that speed laws were only for the rabble. Excellent post!

    • I love how you phrase all of this- he is driving 90 miles per hour, you express “concern”, and he thinks you are the clueless one becasue you don’t understand his convoluted logic concerning automative performance. Oh my goodness, how did you keep a straight face while this was happening?

      • By that time I had pretty much decided that our marriage was over so I was just holding it in in the best way I knew how! It was about three months later that Mr. Superior Driving Skills rear-ended someone and did a lot of damage to his precious car. He tried to claim that the woman whose SUV he hit had backed into him (she was stopped at a red light)!!! These people – unbelievable!

      • I was laughing out loud at this!! I love these reminders of just how delusional and self-centered these people are. Of course, he would lie and say she was “backing up” at a red light!! Oh my goodness- he probably did not even realize how ridiculous he sounded!

    • I always say, “Maybe if they knew who you were, the folks would get out of your way.” He would reply, “Yes, they would!” His bucket of arrogance overflows yet another time!

      • Thanks, Lynette. I have thousands of them! How about the time he and I went to the funeral home for a visitation and one of the deceased sister’s (who hadn’t seen him for years) said to him, “Oh, I’d know you anywhere, you’re the best looking guy in town!” ( Which by the way, made me want to puke!) When we arrived home I commented what a nice compliment she had paid him, only to have him respond – “I used to be but I’m not anymore!!!” He’s now 74 and the poor boy is ageing.

      • Also very familiar! My ex-narcissist was constantly using very expensive face creams and kept talking about getting plastic surgery – he did have quite a “turkey wattle” started and was extremely self-conscious about it. Always wore turtle necks. He wanted me to pay for the surgery, of course, but I was busy trying to deal with all the other debt he generated!

      • Of courser a narcissist would think he should not have to suffer such things as aging, like the rest of us. Sigh.. And there you are, trying to be kind and point out a nice compliment. Of course, this exchange seemed to be totally lost on him.

  3. My EX-was convinced that God had blessed him with the ability to land on his feet no matter how disgusting, abusive and inconsiderate his actions were. He favorite saying was “I’m blessed by God, because I am surrounded by women that are always willing to help me when ever I’m in need!” Which translates into I am a womanizing loser who preys on women who are unhappy on their marriages, lonely women, women who are vulnerable and suffering from low self-esteem. Creepy.

  4. Being in love with a narcassist …hmm that explains it all. I never thought of that concept. That explains my pain and how it never affected him and how it always came back to me again. It was a revolving door always coming back to hit me back in the face triple fold, back and back worse and worse. But I am free from it now…Thank you God

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