As I Write, You Disappear

Vesica in the Night

Vesica in the Night

I do not think all creative acts need to be confessional, although one’s self and one’s life is always apparent to an extent within a creative act. Many people, such as myself, create from somewhat of a confessional standpoint. I write and put myself and my life out there, so I can see what it means to me. Something significant happens in taking our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences- all intangible and nebulous within our minds- and pinning them to the world in physical creation.

I have used my writing to free myself from my own uncertainty and lack of awareness in portions of my life. I see so many others do this as well, in their blogs, art, and poetry, and they are much better at it than I. I was recently reading about how when you regularly create, an artistic persona may emerge. As you can be so close to your own creations, you can miss the emergence of this strong persona and how others perceive it.

I feel the same about the healing power of creative art. You may wonder why you blog about what you do. You may wonder if it is relevant. You may wonder, like me, when I discuss certain situations, if I am hurting others. Don’t. Don’t worry about such things. In the creative act, your self and soul are allowed a place to grow, unhidden by the tricks of the mind and the false self. Creativity demands authenticity. Find your voice, relish it.

As the poem points out to below- the act of creation frees us. It frees us from bad experiences, false expectations, self-judgment, and condemnation, instead the act of transformation serves as catalysis to something new.

As I Write…

As I write, you disappear.

Your silly whims and,
less than silly anger,
dissipate and
with my marks upon page.

What power have you?
You can not construct;
you only destruct.

While I, I in my
infinite wisdom,
take pen to paper

and absolve you
of everything –

including your hold upon me.

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