When a Narcissist is Captain of Your Ship….

Ironically I did this piece of art last week before the tragedy of the Italian cruise ship.

I titled it “When a Narcissist is Captain of Your Ship” as it captures the energy of narcissism.  Narcissists love to lead- because of course, they are great and awesome and so in tune with what is going on.  Never mind they have “X-outed” eyes with nary of glimpse of introspection or awareness.  This does not deter them.  They are present, physically, and in their mind, that is enough.

In fact, narcissists love being present physically, don’t they?  They will bombard you with phone calls and e-mails. They crawl under, over,  and through any barriers you erect to protect your space.  And lest you, by chance, perhaps, forget about them and try to move on, they will plop themselves right down in your physical space. This happened with my husband’s ex-wife when she first moved across the street from us and later at school events insists on standing next to him.  After a recent scenario, I remember thinking, my gosh, she is like a barnacle on a boat, she never goes away. Hence the picture…

Narcissists love to lead and  boldly go where no one wants them.

I, obviously, do not know the captain of the Italian cruise ship that sank, but from what I have read, he strikes me  as having narcissistic tendencies.

Like any good, card-carrying narcissist, he probably loved being the captain of the ship. What other place on ship would a narcissist occupy?  Greatness deserves great titles and respect, and in such positions, narcissists are most comfortable.  I am sure the uniform, the cap, the dinners, fit him perfectly.  He was quite the captain of his ship…  until he ran aground.

Then, he could not wait to drop all those “captainly” pretenses- like “the captain goes down with the ship”.

See, that’s the thing about narcissists, they love, love captaining until it goes wrong. Then, the cute uniform and the pomp and circumstance just don’t matter.

When the ship captained by a narcissist is sinking, he or she will be not be found aboard. They will be in the lifeboat directing others to clean up the mess.

In their mind, it is up to us to understand their convoluted logic.  Yes, they were the captain of the ship, but that was when the ship was doing well.  Now that the ship is run aground, it truly is each man or woman for him or herself.


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