Narcissism and The Queen’s Conundrum: How Shall You Love Me Today?

I recently completed this piece, fortuitous as it was to some events in my life, about the love of a Narcissist.  Here we have the image of the Narcissistic queen on her throne.

She speaks of love.  In fact, in her mind, she is all about love.  Don’t YOU notice her heart chair, the heart-shaped face?

Oh, her eyes are blanked out “X’s”?!?!- Don’t worry about that. Of course, she sees you.  Really she does, it is just that she can’t be bothered to open her eyes and really look at you.

She would prefer the peaceful darkness of fantasy to which closed eyes are a necessity.

Please note her crown hovering overhead, an ever-present signal of her status and authority.  Whether she has done anything to warrant authority or attention, it is there, and in her mind, she deserves it.

Sigh.  She is waiting.  Upon her throne.  Upon her throne of love.  Waiting.  Bored?  A little.

Everyone who has ever loved her has failed her completely.  Now she must wait.  Injured, persecuted, upon her throne, waiting to see how you shall love her today.

Ever had a narcissist in your life? To me, this piece represents the energy dynamic of trying to please such people.  The Queen sits there, upon her throne, her only thought, “How Shall YOu Love Me Today?”


One thought on “Narcissism and The Queen’s Conundrum: How Shall You Love Me Today?

  1. So well put together Kimberly. The painting and the story behind it perfectly describes the classic narcissist in my life. What can WE do to make her happy? How can WE go out of our way to accommodate her? What should we do in make sure we don’t rock HER boat, despite her constant tossing of ours?

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